Interested in sharing your expertise?

We are always looking to add to our roster of expert presenters. If would like to be considered as a prospective webinar presenter here is some background:

  • We offer professional development webinars to nonprofit staff and trustees, across the areas of governance, management, organizational development, advancement, and more.
  • Our webinars are widely promoted through e-mail blasts, blogs, social media sites, and nonprofit calendars.
  • We have had over ten thousand registrants (over 300 for many of our sessions) from all 50 states and 6 continents.

Benefits to Presenters

Presenting on Nonprofit Webinars give you a broad exposure for your expertise. You’ll have even more than if you were presenting at a physical conference, because your presentations remain online at our website for self paced learning at any time.

After your presentation, you’ll be able to follow up with attendees.

There is no cost to you to present. No airfare, no hotels, nothing but your time.

Creating results can really payoff:

Presenters who generate the most (we also consider significant improvement) registrations and click-throughs are more likely to be invited to present again next season. Presenting will:

  • put your name and expertise in front of our ~60,000 strong 4Good community,
  • raise your visibility with other presenters and other nonprofit professionals in the 4Good community,
  • increase traffic and followers for your 4Good profile, all of which will
  • elevate your position as a thought leader and drive more business or professional advancement.

We are looking for additional ways to add value to presenters and welcome your suggestions.

Requirements from Presenters

We adhere to a strictly educational format, with no pitching of services allowed. The principle is that the more value you give away the more you’ll be valued by any attendees who might be prospective clients.

You are expected to promote 4Good’s Nonprofit Webinars as a whole within your network of contacts, as you will become one of the faculty. Most presenters post our listings widget on their websites or blogs, send e-mail blasts about the webinars, and/or include a link in their newsletters, but alternative approaches are welcome too.

Actions to more co-marketing impact:

  • Embed the Nonprofit Webinars Upcoming Webinars Collection on your website or blog. This is your highest leverage activity – it only takes a few minutes, but delivers ongoing automatic updates of upcoming and archive webinars. If impressions are high, but click-throughs are not, consider adjusting page placement and page selection.
  • Use social media to drive traffic to the webpage where your embedded Upcoming Webinars collection lives. Just a tweet a week and a post to a LinkedIn group can make a big difference. Use this example tweet or let your creativity shine:
    - “Proud to be invited to present with @4GoodOrg this fall. Check out topics of 3 free #nonprofit webinars a week {link to your webpage with the embed}”
    On a monthly basis, we will also send you suggested social media text that you can use.
  • Promote your own webinar registration: Use social media to drive traffic to your 4Good registration page.
    - “Sign up for {short title of your webinar} free on DD/MM at Xp EST {link to your registration page on 4Good}
    - or “Check out the 3 free #4GLearn webinars every week {link to your webpage with embed}”
  • Upload some documents or links on 4Good to help nonprofit professionals everywhere save time and money. You can share any non-promotional resource for free or set a price to create some passive income.

Creative Commons LicenseYou agree to license your presentation under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.