The Tao of Data

Most people approach fundraising software as if the most important aspect is getting the data into the system. This is less than half the story. Your data is only as good as the output it enables you to create. If you can’t generate output, your data is not working.


  • Understanding what data needs to do
  • Determining how to get your data where it needs to be
  • Documenting standards to maintain data integrity
  • Policing data

Cheri WeissmanCheri Weissman has been working for and with nonprofits since 1984.

After several years as a fundraiser at a Chicago nonprofit, Cheryl moved on to become an account manager for a national software company.

Working exclusively with nonprofits, Cheryl developed and delivered software training programs, performed various data-related services, organized and hosted users groups, provided on- and off-site consulting services and provided input into software updates.

In 1993, believing she could more efficiently serve the nonprofit community without the overhead of a larger company, Cheryl founded CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.

CJW Consulting & Services, IncCJW Consulting & Services, Inc. (CJW) is dedicated to preserving the institutional memories of nonprofit organizations. CJW founded in 1993 to help non-profit organizations make the most effective use of their software resources. Cheryl Weissman, CJW’s President, has 25+ years of experience with fundraising, the nonprofit community and its associated software. Cheryl’s background, along with her commitment to providing affordable, high-quality services, allow CJW to provide high-quality consulting and services at prices designed to fit your budget. CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of services, including on-site and on-line software training, data analysis, consulting and temporary staff replacement, all tailored to your specific needs. To date, CJW has assisted nonprofits in over 30 US states and 4 Canadian provinces.

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