Naked Meetings: Using Unseen Structures to Achieve Results

Leaders rely on effective meetings to get work done. What if you could make your staff meetings, your board and stakeholder meetings, or your community meetings more effective and efficient? What if you could do it tomorrow?

Underneath what we see as a “meeting” is an unseen structure that influences how we behave. This webinar will help you recognize these structures and identify more effective ones for your meetings. Using an appropriate structure makes it easier to stay focused, manage time and conflicts … and build better decisions.

The webinar teaches an approach that is different from other approaches to “better meetings.” You will learn to recognize and choose the most effective structures for particular meetings. Leave this webinar having the tools you need to run successful meetings – without relying on meeting “rules,” facilitators or special training.


  • How to recognize and work with unseen structures.
  • How to apply selected tools for implementing effective structures including tools:
    • For keeping discussion focused and productive.
    • For managing difficult reactions to proposals.
    • For productive follow-up on action plans.

Rick LentRick Lent has spent the last 25 years studying effective structures for different meetings and applying them in his work facilitating meetings around the world with non-profit, NGO, and community organizations as well as businesses of all sizes. He provides design and facilitation services, and also coaches leaders on how to improve their own meetings using his techniques. He is committed to helping leaders everywhere do a better, easier job of building new ideas and aligning the actions of the participants in their meetings – no matter how difficult the subject. Two publications will be released later this year on this work: Meeting for Results Tool Kit, and Naked Meetings:Using Unseen Structures to Achieve Results.

Meeting for ResultsMeeting for Results was established as a dedicated service of Brownfield & Lent to help leaders of nonprofit and other organizations run more effective meetings. Our services include consulting, workshops and presentations. Our approach is described on We also provide stories of meeting successes and challenges on the Meeting for Results blog. An e-book designed to help leaders run more effective meetings will be released later this spring: Meeting for Results Tool Kit: Make Your Meetings Work. By the end of this year Rick will also publish Naked Meetings: Using Unseen Structures to Achieve Results – A Handbook for Leaders. / Meeting for Results is based in Massachusetts. Rick Lent works with nonprofit organizations throughout the Northeast and elsewhere.

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