Fundraising and the Next Generation

For the first time in history, there are four generations involved in philanthropy: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (Millenials). Although each generation is philanthropic, they have individual preferences for how they are engaged by nonprofits. This session will demonstrate how important it is to create lifetime givers by reaching out to the younger generations (under age 40) now as well as define the key characteristics of the four current generations and their habits for charitable giving. Nonprofit professionals will learn strategic entry points to successfully engage these younger generations in philanthropy, both as donors and in the multigenerational development office. Ultimately, today’s annual donors are tomorrow’s major donors; we need to cultivate them today.


  • Find out how and where to find and cultivate young philanthropists
  • dentify myths and realities of multigenerational philanthropy
  • Learn what your organization needs to be aware of to manage a multi-generational development office

Emily DavisEmily Davis has been working in the non-profit sector as a staff member, consultant, founder, board member, and volunteer for over 15 years. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the National Hemophilia Foundation, Colorado Chapter. She trains and consults on a number of different areas including board development, online communications, multi-generational philanthropy, and fundraising. She authored the AFP publication, Fundraising and the Next Generation, due out in February 2012. Her passion for effective leadership has garnered numerous awards and nominations including the National Top 25 2011 Finalist for Young Nonprofit Professional of the Year and top 35 Under 35 Community Leaders by San Diego News Network.
EDA ConsultingEDA Consulting engages in partnerships with nonprofits and philanthropists using creativity, learning, leadership and best practices to engage every generation. EDA Consulting serves nonprofits, philanthropies, and even for-profit companies to maximize the most of every resource to benefit their organizations. EDA Consulting helps individuals and organizations accomplish their goals and feed their passions. We emphasize learning partnerships and strategies that yield long-term success for nonprofit organizations and philanthropists of all kinds. We pride ourselves on creative and tailored approaches to organizational success.

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