Disabilities at the Workplace

We are surrounded by people with disabilities at work. Some disabilities are visible, others aren’t. It is helpful to understand what the needs of people with disabilities are and how we can best work with them. Often there are misconceptions, which this presentation will help dissolve. We will discuss ways that people with and without disabilities can work and communicate better.


  • Communicating with disabled people; what is/is not useful, what is/is not acceptable
  • How people with disabilities navigate the workplace; how they get from one place to another, how they access information
  • Benefits of employing people with disabilities; help available to you, resources people with disabilities have available to them

Our apologies – Video content for this session will not be available.

Tom BabinszkiTom Babinszki was born totally blind in Hungary. Opportunities were much more limited those days, but it didn’t take long to turn his situation into a vocation. He wanted to help make more opportunities available to people with disabilities.

Tom started to work with advocacy groups when he was a teenager, and later on the national level to make higher education accessible to people with disabilities.

After college he moved to the United States where he started working as an accessibility consultant and later started his own company.

While working with thousands of people in the United States, Tom has also worked with developing countries. One of his biggest achievements was training a group of blind people in Southeast Asia to become the first accessibility experts in their own countries.

Currently Tom is building a business program at the Hadley School for the Blind to help blind entrepreneurs to realize their dream of independence.

Even GroundsEven Grounds was started in 2007 to help organizations make information accessible to people with disabilities. We have worked with government agencies, corporations and non-profits to help them include people with disabilities into their organizational activities. We have trained thousands of government employees and contractors on creating accessible web sites, and helped web designers to ensure web accessibility.

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