Collaboration: What Works and Why

It could be argued that collaboration is the quintessential characteristic of the nonprofit sector. Many of our webinars over the past three years have addressed collaboration in one form or another: we’ve offered multiple perspectives on governance, employee relations, volunteering, planning and development as internal collaboration, as well as discussions of collaboration among nonprofits, and between nonprofits and the public and private sectors. In this webinar a panel of consultants will look at the mechanisms of and impediments to various forms of collaboration between organizations and the resources available to pursue collaboration more effectively. To make the webinar more responsive to the interests of the participants we will ask for questions and comments both before the webinar (we will contact registrants a few days before the webinar) and during it.


  • How to evaluate different forms of inter-organization collaboration
  • What approaches and behaviors facilitate success in collaboration
  • How to decrease the risk of failure

Sam FrankSam Frank (Synthesis Partnership, advises nonprofits in strategy, planning and organizational development, and is co-founder and director of Nonprofit Webinars.
Sophie ParkerSophie Parker (Sophie Parker and Associates, helps executives and managers in complex organizations tackle changes in the workplace.
Deborah PruittDeborah Pruitt (Group Alchemy, helps organizations who want to make a difference in the world find new levels of success establishing powerful ways of working together.
Kate PughKate Pugh (Align Consulting, helps organizations to harness untapped knowledge to solve problems.
Tom WolffTom Wolff (Tom Wolff & Associates, helps organizations and communities to mobilize the power of collaborative processes as the key to addressing critical challenges.

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