Engaging Millennials as Donors, Volunteers and Constituents

Whether you love ‘em or you’re getting tired of hearing about ‘em…the Millennial Generation (those 80 Million+ born between 1979-1995) are transforming the way we communicate, the way we govern, the way we socialize – and, they are shifting our political and social systems to a new level. Join us to learn how to build your organization’s Millennial engagement strategy, based on findings from “Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement.”


  • Learn how to activate the Millennial Generation by playing on their strengths: collaborative leadership, openness and transparency, diversity and tech-savviness
  • Uncover how Millennials communicate, volunteer, take action, influence their peers, and choose to give their time and money
  • Find out how Millennials view their role in the workplace, and how their approach is re-shaping nonprofit culture from within

Kari SaratovskyAn innovative and entrepreneurial leader, Kari Saratovsky has spent her career working in both the government and nonprofit sectors building strategic alliances, directing programs and facilitating national efforts that advance social change. Prior to establishing KDS Strategies, Kari served as Vice President of Social Innovation at the Case Foundation and served as publisher of the highly regarded Social Citizens blog. She writes and speaks extensively on the rising generation of Millennials and how they are changing the nature of nonprofits and institutions.

Kari also served as Executive Director of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, a presidential commission to support and expand volunteer service throughout the country and around the world. She is an avid volunteer and currently serves as Chair of the Board of Mobilize.org, is on the board of Repair the World and an adviser to the new start-up, Fuse Corps. She now resides with her family in Houston, TX.

KDS StrategiesKDS Strategies provides solutions to social impact organizations at the local and national level with a focus on innovative program design, strategic communications, and social media strategy development — all with a unique understanding of next generation engagement.

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