Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile Marketing leverages the power of texting to grow your non-profit. Almost everyone has a cell-phone and every one can receive a text. Texting is how many people prefer to communicate. In this webinar, I’ll discuss how mobile marketing works and why it can be a good fit for your non-profit. I’ll also discuss QR codes and how you can those to grab people’s attention.


  • What Mobile Marketing is and how it works
  • Why you don’t need to worry about spamming people using mobile marketing
  • How to create keywords and use them in mobile marketing
  • How to create and use QR Codes

Taylor EllwoodTaylor Ellwood is the author of understanding the social in social media and social success in social media. He is a business and social media coach who uses his background in social science to help businesses and non-profits understand the successful behaviors that make them stand out to people.

Imagine Your RealityImagine Your Reality has been in business since April 2008. We specialize in teaching successful behaviors and actions that will make your business or non-profit stand out.

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