Keeping Your Financial Assets Safe: Internal Control to Prevent Fraud

In this webinar, Nancy Church, CPA will discuss common issues in creating tight internal controls at nonprofit organizations, especially those with limited numbers of staff people in accounting and administration. She will give participants insight into why people commit fraud and other unethical or illegal acts. Expect stories of theft, embezzlement. and plain-old cheating that will keep your attention, and learn how to keep them from happening to you.

Nancy ChurchNancy Church has been licensed as a CPA in Oregon since 1987. She performed audit, tax and consulting engagements for a national accounting firm for four years and for a small, local firm for three more years. Since then, she has spent fifteen years consulting at not-for-profits in all aspects of accounting and financial management, and four years as the Director of Finance and Administration at a visionary conservation organization with a budget of about $5,000,000. Her consulting clients include organizations in social services, the arts, broadcasting, the sciences, business development, education, and low-income housing, among others, and have included both local and national nonprofits.
She is the author of Not-for-Profit Accounting: A Very Practical Manual and owner of Not-for-Profit Accounting Help ( where she publishes weekly guidance on both new developments and common problems confronting employees and volunteers serving nonprofits in finance, accounting, management and governance.
She earned her BA in English cum laude from Lewis & Clark College. Her years abroad teaching English to adults gave her insight into how adults learn. She credits her liberal arts education with encouraging her creative approach to improving nonprofit accounting as she serves her clients and writes for a national audience with the goal of increasing the level of professionalism and visibility of nonprofit accountants.

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